Permanent Hair Removal – Is it Achievable?

There are many methods of hair removal, however, very few are actually permanent.  To achieve true hair removal, the entire hair, root, and follicle must be destroyed.  Cells that are responsible for hair growth must die.  This may take a long period of time, and lots of patience.  Treatments may take months, or even years.  Sometimes it is possible, when finding the right method for each individual, to achieve permanent hair removal.  No method is 100% sure of permanency, though.  Additionally, ethnicity, heredity, and hormones play a big part in hair regrowth.

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Electrolysis is the only method that is currently allowed to be called permanent.  In this method, a miniscule needle is inserted down into the hair follicle to reach the cells that cause hair growth.  The electrolysis then targets the cells, and the hair slides out.  The hair cannot grow back because the cells have been destroyed.  Electrolysis can be done anywhere on the body, but is most popular on the face.  Since it must be done hair by hair, the duration of this method of permanent hair removal depends on how much hair needs to be removed.  Up to 25 treatments, normally 5 to 10 minutes in length, may be necessary.

Currently a popular method in the quest for permanent hair removal, laser treatments are normally done at a beauty spa.  Professional help and support can be received, so results are usually better and longer lasting.  Some skin pigments and hair types receive this treatment better than others.  This method definitely results in a longer period of time before hair regrowth occurs.  Today’s methods of soy waxing are pain free, but still do not deliver permanent results.  Crème applications are very desirable, easy, and pain free.  Hair regrowth is significantly delayed since the hair is being removed below the skin.

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Everyone knows that shaving can result in stubble within days, or even hours, after completion.  This is probably one of the reasons why those with problem hair seek permanent hair removal.  Some individuals think tweezing is a way to achieve permanency.  However, tweezing is not permanent, can be painful, and is usually only desirable on the face.  Tweezing pulls hair out from the root, but does not disturb the follicle, so it is only a matter of time before the hair grows back.  However, the fact that the hair takes longer to grow back, and will be finer, makes tweezing a better alternative to shaving in some areas.


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